Install Cloud Service at Home: 6 Easy Steps

Install Cloud Service at Home: 6 Easy Steps
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Linux is a popular operating system that is widely used in many environments, including home networks. With its versatility, stability, and open-source nature, Linux is an excellent choice for installing cloud services at home. 

One of the benefits of using Linux on your home network is that it can provide a stable and secure platform for hosting various services such as file sharing, media streaming, backups, and more. With Linux, you can also customize your network to fit your specific needs, and you have access to a vast library of open-source software that can help you accomplish your goals. 

In addition, installing cloud service at home can be relatively simple. Here’s how you do it. 

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Getting Started 

You must have an active Ubuntu Server instance operating on your local network in order to install Nextcloud. You’ll require a user with sudo permissions once that server is launched, which you create during the operating system installation.  

Step 1: Access the Ubuntu Server 

Logging into your Ubuntu Server instance is the first step.   

Step 2: Use Snap to install Nextcloud  

Launch Nextcloud by typing the following command: 

sudo snap install nextcloud 

Step 3: Determine your server’s IP address 

The installation of Nextcloud via the command line ought to go smoothly and take under a minute to complete. 

When that is finished, you must first determine your server’s IP address by using the command: 

ip a 

Step 4: Visit the web installer 

Open a web browser and enter http://SERVER into it (where SERVER is the IP address of your Ubuntu server). 

Step 5: Create an administrator user 

Type a new username and password to be used as an admin user in the web browser window that appears. 

Step 6: Install the suggested apps 

To add the Talk, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Nextcloud Office, and the resultant window, select Install Suggested Apps. You can add more later. This installation will take a little longer to complete (less than 5 minutes). 

The Next Step 

You can use Nextcloud once the installation is finished. To be able to share and work together on files, it is advisable to set up the email server settings. 

 You’ll need to have an SMTP server before you can configure the email server. You may always utilize the Google SMTP server. Here are the configurations you need: 

  • SMTP Server: 
  • Port: 465. 
  • From Email Address: Your Gmail address. 
  • Password: Your Gmail password 

Click your Nextcloud profile icon in the top right corner of the window, and then pick Administration Settings from the drop-down menu. Click Basic Settings on the left sidebar, then in the box that appears, scroll down until you see the Email Server area.  

As described above, choose your selections, then click Save. Click Send Email once that is finished to verify that everything is functioning properly. 

Click the Mail icon at the top of the window once you’ve taken care of the SMTP server settings. Complete the required fields for your email account when requested, then click Connect. 

Once this is done, your Nextcloud instance can do nearly all functions that your other cloud services can, all while staying inside your home network. You should be able to finish this process in under an hour, even with the installation of Ubuntu Server.

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