4 Important Tips to Handle Employee Termination Gracefully

handle employee termination

To handle employee termination gracefully is not every HR’s cup of tea. Because letting go of someone who had been a critical part of the organization will not garner the same enthusiasm as onboarding a new employee. 

It is an awkward, uncomfortable situation to talk about termination and offboarding process with the person. But as an HR, you have to don this hat too and ensure a smooth exit of the employee.     

Dignity and empathy are two main aspects to keep in mind while handling employee termination, even if it is the individual who has resigned. And in the scenario where the company decides to terminate them, you must state the right reasons for employee termination and encourage one-to-one discussions. 

Several questions come to mind while dealing with such a situation: How smoothly can you handle employee termination? How can you ensure the complete privacy of the employee before initiating the discussion? 

Let’s explore the answers to these questions below.     

4 Tips to Handle Employee Termination the Right Way

As an HR, you are responsible for both company and employee well-being. Even a small mistake in your approach can hamper the image of the organization or affect employee morale.  

Remember these four tips whenever you need to handle employee termination.     

1. Have a face-to-face conversation

If you don’t wish to scare or upset your employee with the news of termination, hold a face-to-face discussion with them. Find out the day or time of day that is suitable for them and schedule the discussion accordingly. Before preparing the employee termination letter, ensure to make the employee feel comfortable, clarify their queries, and take their feedback. 

This is the first step to handle employee termination responsibly.  

2. Offer a decent separation package

Based on your organization’s policies, offer a decent separation package to the employee. It takes time to find a new opportunity, and a separation package can help meet ends until then. Such a humane approach will alleviate the risk to your organization and aid in the employee’s journey of employment search.       

This is the second important tip to remember while handling employee termination.

3. Treat leaving employees with the utmost respect

Employees leaving the organization should be treated with the same respect as you would treat a new joiner. Acknowledge the individual for who they are and what they contributed to the organization. Before you offer the employee termination letter, it is your responsibility to inform the individual about their poor performance, inappropriate behavior, or anything else that resulted in their termination from the company. 

Such open discussions will instill positivity in their minds and aid in improving themselves for their next job.     

4. Make the offboarding process smooth 

Like onboarding, offboarding also involves several formalities. Employees leaving the company have several tasks to complete within their notice period. From training the new resource who’s to replace them, to attaining all targets and completing their regular work, employees have too much on their plates. The best thing you can do as an HR is to understand their pressure and respect their time. 

To save time and effort, gather all employee details yourself and offer only those documents that they must fill on their own.        

In Conclusion

To handle employee termination in good spirit, follow the 4 simple tips explained above:

  • Proper communication
  • Decent separation package
  • Respect to employees
  • Smooth offboarding

Part ways in good stead so both the organization and the employees have great memories to cherish. 

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