7 Simple iPhone Hacks That Can Save Your Time

7 Simple iPhone Hacks That Can Save Your Time
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iPhone has always been able to multitask. The multitasking ability was one of its major USPs and was there ever since the first iPhone was shipped. Gradually, with the launch of new models, its capabilities became more advanced. 

The multitasking functionality of the iPhone is already a time-saver. But we’ve got even more ways to help you save time.  

Here are 7 simple iPhone hacks, tips, or tricks you can implement to save your valuable time.  

1. Open Apps with Voice Control 

The accessibility functionality of the iPhone lets you control your phone with just your voice. By enabling Voice control, you can order Siri to open any app you want. 

To enable Voice Control, go to Settings, choose Accessibility and then Voice Control. Toggle it on and speak commands, such as “Hey Siri, open YouTube”. 

2. Click Photos While Filming a Video 

With iPhone’s multi-tasking camera, it is now possible to snap a photo while recording a video. Just click on the white button you see on the record button’s right when in the recording mode. 

However, do know that the images you take during that time won’t be of high quality like your usual iPhone photos. 

3. Unlock Your Phone While Wearing a Mask 

You don’t have to remove your face mask every time you wish to unlock your phone when you’re outside. Your Apple smartphone is smart enough to recognize you even with the mask on.  

Go to Settings and select Face ID & Passcode. Then toggle on Face ID with a Mask so that it shows green. Now, click on Use Face ID with a Mask. It will prompt you to position your face in the frame. You don’t even have to wear a mask during the process. When done, you can use your device without removing the mask. 

4. Pin Important Texts to the Top of the Messages App List 

If there are people you text often, then there’s a way to get quick access to their text. Just pin those text conversations to the top of the Messages app list.  

To pin them, you need to go to your Messages app first. Then, look for the text conversation you would like to move to the top. If you see the latest message from your desired contact, swipe right and click on the pin icon that appears. 

5. Create “Back Tap” Actions 

You can now program your Apple smartphone to perform certain actions depending on the number of times you tap on your phone’s back. This clever trick is a functionality of the Accessibility tool suite. 

It is quite simple and quick to set up. Just go to Settings, choose Accessibility and click on Touch. Now scroll down and click on Back Tap. After that, you can choose different actions for your phone to perform, which may include putting the phone on silent, opening the Camera, activating the torch, etc. 

6. Find Pictures in Your Camera Roll Faster 

To find a particular image, you don’t have to scroll through your Camera Roll anymore. There’s a neat trick you can try on your iPhone. Every iPhone has built-in functionality for keyword-based search in the Photos app.  

So, go to the Photos app, click on Search at your screen’s bottom right, and enter the most appropriate term suitable for the image you’re searching for. With the help of image recognition software present on your iPhone, the desired image will appear. 

7. Create Speed Dial 

For your regularly dialed contacts, create a speed dial button using the Shortcuts app. It is native to all recent iPhone models but if you’re using an older one, you may have to download it from the App Store. 

To create the button, go to the Shortcuts app. Keep scrolling till you see the “Call” section. Then, click on the plus icon. It will make a new shortcut. Now, when prompted, choose the desired contacts and click on Add to Home screen.

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