Crypto Slang Terms You Must Know


Are you new to cryptocurrency? Are you struggling to find your way around the blockchain ecosystem but getting sidelined by complex conversations? Fret not! We’ve got you covered. 

If you are new to the field, it’s obvious that you would be less familiar with the jargon. However, we can help you get familiar with our compiled list of crypto slang terms that are commonly used in the cryptocurrency context. Continue reading to learn what they are. 

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1. HODL 

HODL or HODLing is an investment strategy that means to hold on to your cryptocurrency in the long term and not sell it. The idea is that the stock’s value would rise during the period. It is also an acronym for the phrase “Holding On (for) Dear Life.” 

2. FOMO 

It’s an acronym for the phrase “Fear Of Missing Out.” It is usually a psychological response of investors when they buy a pricey asset due to the fear of missing out on huge gains. 

3. Whale 

In cryptocurrency, the term “whale” refers to institutions or individuals that have an enormous investment in a particular asset. 

4. Rekt 

This term is derived from the word “wreck”  meaning to severely destroy or damage. It is basically a situation where the crypto investor is encountering massive losses. 

5. When Lambo/Mooning 

The phrase “When Lambo” is a minimized version of the query “When can an investment in an asset appreciate enough to buy a Lamborghini?” 

The term “Mooning” is also related to “When Lambo” and refers to price rallies. It means if the asset price increases fast, then the community equates it to a rocket ride to the moon or “mooning” in short. 

6. FUD 

It is another acronym that represents ‘Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.’ The reason for the volatility of cryptocurrency markets is  they are vulnerable to the perceptions of the public. So, when there is negative coverage around the crypto market, it is likely to fall, and vice-versa. 


Both terms are recently added to the crypto lingo. They are acronyms for the phrases “Buy The Dip” and “Buy The F***n Dip” respectively. These terms are used to encourage investors to invest more when the price of an asset corrects at the time of a rally. 

8. Shill 

This term is commonly used among the social media circle of crypto enthusiasts. “To shill” means to promote a token or coin selfishly. 

To Conclude 

The crypto slang terms mentioned in this article will help you get started on your journey. However, before that, you must figure out where the important conversations take place. It can either be on chat forums or different social media platforms. As a beginner, you must know this first and then move on to learning the terminology. It will aid you to mingle with the masses better. 

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