Why Now Is the Right Time to Focus on Cloud Security 


Today’s digital era demands cyber security. But as we’re moving further into the digital world, the need to focus on cyber security has increased more than ever.  

Many organizations have already started moving their data and business applications into the cloud. Some are planning to do it anytime soon. This all made the cloud a potential target for threat actors and cybercriminals.  

If you haven’t been paying attention to cloud security yet, keep reading. By the end of the article, you’ll have every reason why now is the right time to focus on cloud security.  

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Data breaches happen way too often  

No matter what policies or technologies are designed for cloud protection, threat actors will still find a way to carry out data breaches. It is something enterprises are fighting every day. So, you shouldn’t be taking it lightly. Or else, there will be consequences like you may lose customer trust, damage to your company’s image or employee turnover will be high.  

Remote is the new norm  

Do know that remote work or at least hybrid work is likely to stay for a while. So, let your employees enjoy a mix of work and personal time by allowing them both forms of work. A common practice that organizations use is they deploy identity or access management solutions as well as smartphone management to reduce the risk of security threats and malware.  

Maintain regulatory compliance  

Almost every other company has to handle consumer information. That’s why they must strictly abide by data compliance regulations. A few examples of regulatory compliance are GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, DSS, and more.  

It is crucial to comply with the standards because not complying will result in the payment of hefty fines. Also, understand that these standards aren’t in place to make organizations pay. They are there to protect employees, customers, and the entire business in general.  


The cloud environment has advanced a lot. Today, we see more trusted cloud providers than ever. So, it is highly important that you too focus on protecting your cloud or you may lag in the competition. In case you still need to look into your options, the right way to get started is to consult your IT services provider.