Why You Should Evolve Your CX For 2023 and Beyond

Why You Should Evolve Your CX For 2023 and Beyond

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As 2023 and beyond approaches, a trend has started for the evolution of contact centers and customer experience (CX). This trend includes staffing shortages, staffing role changes, rising customer expectations, and evolving digital technology options.

Look at these contact center predictions*:
• By 2023, employee experience will overtake customer experience, at least temporarily, as the leading “experience” focus and investment.
• By 2025, 25% of agents will be gig-economy workers.
• By 2030, with AI, ML, and NLP combined, brands will be able to customize the customer experience in a way that is truly unique to them.

How to best prioritize investment across the people, operations, and technology aspects of their CX strategies. Companies that aren’t prepared to proactively address these issues risk further attrition of talent, and even loss of market share.

Join us to discuss shifting from a survival mode in 2021–2022 and what that means for your company in 2023 and beyond.

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