Are You Ready to Face the New Cloud Security Challenges?

Are You Ready to Face the New Cloud Security Challenges?
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With the continuous surge of cloud security threats, more and more organizations are becoming concerned about the safety of their cloud data. However, there are still organizations that don’t have any clear understanding of the security vulnerabilities they may possess while using multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments.  

As per the 2021 Cloud Security Alliance report, 41% of participants are unsure about their recent or new cloud security challenges. Are you one of those who are unsure or are you ready to face the new cloud security challenges?  

If you’re ready, then it’s good. But if you’re unsure, it’s high time to gain an understanding of these matters since you need to protect your sensitive business and customer data, and other high-risk information. 

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Protecting and Maintaining Data Privacy 

Organizations with multi-cloud environments find it difficult to achieve consistent data protection and privacy. This happens majorly because diverse environments have varied security controls and tools. A viable solution to this problem is CMPs or Cloud Management Platforms. 

With the help of a CMP, you don’t have to worry about understanding the public or private cloud environments. Furthermore, you can use a consistent interface that lets you handle both effectively. This can aid you to strengthen your cloud security measures. 

Tips to Maintain Data Visibility and Control 

If your business employs a shared responsibility model and vendor-controlled infrastructure, it may be a little difficult for you to achieve visibility and control. It is usually because the security gets divided between the customer and the cloud security provider. However, there are solutions to overcome this problem. 

Data Classification 

While putting cloud data ownership and responsibility in place, make sure to classify data and take appropriate security measures. 

Identity and Access Management 

Managing identity and access in the cloud is complex as compared to closed environments. In that case, you can take help from the cloud service providers. They typically employ good practices and services to aid you with identity and access management. 

Data Security and Management Tools 

Leverage data security and management tools to the maximum to protect your cloud data. These tools often offer options to manage users and data to minimize complexity and increase visibility. 

Preparing for Cloud Adoption 

Multi-cloud infrastructure brings incredible benefits to an organization like flexibility, scalability and reduced costs. However, rapid cloud adoption does create some vulnerabilities. So, start staying aware of the innovative security approaches to mitigate threats and achieve security in hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. 

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