What’s Next in Cloud Security Evolution

What’s Next in Cloud Security Evolution
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Cloud security is evolving and so are the risks associated with it. Organizations that solely rely on baseline security protocols must know that they need to do more to ensure they stay ahead of hackers.  

Furthermore, the use of CSPM tools is becoming a minimum requirement for businesses operating in the cloud. Advanced organizations are seeking more comprehensive solutions that can provide a unified platform to cover all cloud security aspects, starting from the build stage to the runtime.  

A CNAPP (Cloud Native Application Protection Platform) offers a more holistic approach to cloud security and helps organizations stay ahead of potential threats through continuous monitoring and cloud security evolution. Let’s see if it is next when it comes to cloud security evolution. 

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Introducing CNAPP 

CNAPP (Cloud Native Application Protection Platform) solutions not only enhance security but also provide additional benefits like reducing cloud risks, improving efficiency, and reducing costs. Organizations should look for CNAPP solutions that have out-of-the-box capabilities for prioritizing, visualizing, and remediation of cloud security risks, which will result in a shorter time to value.  

Additionally, organizations should aim to find solutions that can consolidate the tools they need most into one comprehensive offering, reducing the number of tools they require in their technology stack and reducing costs. 

Solutions and Challenges Associated With CSPM 

CSPM solutions have revolutionized cloud security by providing organizations with the ability to govern their cloud infrastructure and manage risk more effectively. With the evolution of the market, vendors have added more advanced features like network inspection, policy enforcement, remediation, least privilege access, and anomaly detection.  

However, simply applying the on-prem mindset and compliance regulations to the cloud is not enough. The cloud environment is constantly changing and requires ongoing monitoring and adaptation to new security threats and regulations.   

Pain Points of CSPM Solution 

CSPM solutions has several pain points for enterprises, such as   

  • Difficulty in coping up with new security challenges in the growing market due to the expansion of cloud services 
  • Scaling of cloud workloads and alerts   
  • Not addressing the workload hygiene 
  • Absence of visbility     

With the rapid digital transformation due to COVID-19, the traditional security solutions became insufficient. The migration to the cloud and the increase in cloud-native companies added new security challenges, making it necessary to have comprehensive security solutions that can keep up with these changes and provide compliance and security best practices at scale. This has led to an increased demand for security solutions that can achieve security maturity in cloud security management and posture. 

Future of CSPM and CNAPP  

Vendors are continuously working on improving security solutions and making sure they meet the latest security and compliance best practices. This includes investing in areas such as agentless workload scanning, enhanced asset management, and cloud security from the perspective of attack path analysis.