Hybrid Cloud vs. Multicloud-Which Is Best for Your Organization


Digital data storage and cloud computing have become staples for modern business. The technology that was once reserved for the largest of organizations is now accessible to all.  

Nowadays, there are hybrid cloud and multi-cloud platforms that have the potential to change the way in which businesses happen. With their help, organizations can also become more secure and productive.  

But how do you decide which one to implement for your business? To determine this, you first have to understand these technologies. Continue reading to find out more about them. 

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What Is Hybrid Cloud? 

A hybrid cloud model is the merger of two types of cloud computing, i.e. public cloud software and private cloud software infrastructure. In this approach, organizations get to use different multicloud technology aspects while still controlling their in-house management systems and data storage centers. 

A hybrid cloud approach is best suitable for companies that mostly deal with sensitive data. It offers them more security by keeping their personal and medical information safe. 

Hybrid cloud models can use IDS or intrusion detection systems. These systems constantly keep improving and can be accessed by companies along with physical servers for collecting data securely and safely. 

What Is Multicloud? 

The multicloud technology uses multiple cloud platforms to carry out business. With the help of this technology, companies can produce, manage and distribute their business without investing in data servers and physical infrastructure.  

This type of technology is best suited to small enterprises. Here, you use it on a pay-as-you-go basis due to which it is cost-effective. In case you need any special tools, you can pay for them. When not needed, you can cancel them any time you want. 

Previously, organizations were forced to buy and maintain servers. But now, after the advent of multicloud, it is no longer the case.  

Key Features to Look for in a Cloud Strategy 

Before finalizing the hybrid cloud or multicloud strategy, there are a few things you must consider. For instance, all businesses need some kind of network security. So, organizations must determine their digital security needs first before choosing a cloud model. The various security aspects include the amount of collected data, the nature of collected data and the organization’s size. 

When it comes to large companies, security is crucial. It is usually because these companies gather private information or loads of data. So, these companies must invest in a hybrid cloud strategy. 

For other companies, where data security isn’t the topmost concern, a multicloud approach would be more appropriate. Nevertheless, do know that every cloud strategy would have rigid security protocols. So, you will have some sort of security with any cloud strategy you choose. 

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