Why Is Open Source Important for Cloud Security


Slowly but steadily every industry is becoming aware of the importance of securing the supply chain. All thanks to the involvement of the US government and the development of industry bodies to work on open solutions. Today, we see a lot of open source software embedded in organizations. 

When it comes to open source software, we all know that security is a must. However, do know that it is also important that open source becomes a critical part of your solutions. Having proprietary solutions just isn’t enough to counter the threat of expanding vulnerability.  

Now, let’s go through the reasons in depth why open source is important for cloud security. 

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1. Collaboration Can Go a Long Way

Security is a never-ending concern. There will always be attackers who will be plotting advanced attackers to compromise your security practices. However, collaboration can help. 

Collaborative development lets you bring more expertise, and scrutiny. It covers a wider range of use cases than your average proprietary development. While you may never be an expert on everything, many people can join together to contribute their singular expertise to an open source project. 

2. Open Source Standards Promote Choice 

If your open source software has widespread use and is a part of the multivendor body, then start seeing it as a  de facto standard. Open source standards can offer you an interoperable framework that will have an ecosystem of training, support and tools. So, you’ll have all the freedom to choose your solution by using open source. 

3. Open Source Offers Transparency 

Open source offers full visibility in assessing any software and learning how it works. This can bring many benefits. For instance, if you trust every system node with a tool, you’ll definitely need its security reassurance. In that case, open source can help. You may not even have to audit the code but can still enjoy the benefits since contributors would fix the vulnerabilities with the resources. 


This concludes why open source is the best approach to meet cloud security concerns. Therefore, users that depend on massive open source infrastructure must be careful about any other solutions that either don’t acknowledge or leverage the open source itself. When you depend on open commons, make sure it is secured with the help of open solutions.